Sunday, May 31, 2009

Totally Exciting EVERYONE WINS Giveaway by Lewa's Designs

I officially LOVE having a blog!

I just came across a beautiful giveaway (thank you for sharing K.) and had to let you guys in on it! I caught it just in time - so be quick! It's ending very soon (how soon? I'm says the beginning of June..whether that means June 1st or June 3rd take a guess ;).)

LEWA'S DESIGNS makes beautiful and modern decals for your walls, cars, laptops, etc.

Right now she is giving away this GORGEOUS 5'+ tall Dandelion decal!!'s the extra juicy part....EVERYONE can choose their choice of these 3 decals (caterpillar, bird, or baseball) and receive it totally FREE!

All you have to do is blog about Lewa's designs linking back to their website ( or etsy shop ( Once you've blogged about Lewa's Designs, send an email to with a link to your blog post along with your choice of decal, color desired, name & mailing address.

THEN, once you've done that, visit this awesome blog:

A Soft Place to Land

and leave a comment to enter the large Dandelion decal giveaway!

You're welcome for sharing ;)

Of course I had no choice if I wanted a free decal lol.


Saturday, May 30, 2009


I just mailed these babies out to my photographer.

I can't wait to see my Girl's American Sweetheart skirt & tank set and the two boy's tees brought to life by her little models. Two of those models are her twin boys!! I can't handle all the cuteness :D ....I always get really impatient waiting for the photographs, only because I know they'll be amazing and I get too excited to wait. I'll be sure to post the pictures for you all as soon as I get them ;)

Anywho..enjoy :)

Happy Fourth!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

JM Glamour Bowband GIVEAWAY!!

Hey ladies!! Thank you all for stopping by! :)

I am super excited to.....

A) introduce my new JM Glamour Bowband Line
B) host my very first BLOG giveaway!!!

Introducing the BOWBANDS....

#1 - Hot Pink Damask Bowband

#2 - Charlotte Bowband (modeled with my Charlotte horse tee/onesie)

#3 - Vintage Pink Damask Bowband

#4 - Ladybugs, polka dots, & daisies - OH MY! Bowband

#5 - Spring Wonderland Bowband

#6 - Pink Cotton Blossoms Bowband

#7 - Punk Sweetheart Bowband

#8 - Watermelon Paisley Bowband

#9 - Pink & Brown Paisley Bowband

#10 - Blue Cotton Blossoms Bowband

#11 - Chocolate Lollipop Bowband

#12 - Whimsy Butterflies Bowband

#13 - Pink & Gold Sequins Bowband

#14 - Mod Pink & Brown Dots Bowband

#15 - Mint Damask Bowband

#16 - Shocking Hibiscus Zebra Bowband

#17 - Aqua polk dots & Gold Sequins Bowband

#18 - Sprinkle Cupcakes Bowband

About JM Glamour Bowbands

I've always been a huge fan of ribbon bows on my little girl, usually trading my fabric headbands for bows with other great kid's boutiques. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE my fabric headbands! I think they are versatile, mod, and oh-so-chic! But there is just something so girly and adorably fru-fru about bows - especially big ones! And with my daughter's beautiful head of dark curly hair, it's a match made in heaven :)

My boutique buddy Ashley of Sophia's Bowtique messaged me on myspace one day, with the cutest idea ever! She suggested that I make fabric bows, and attach them to my headbands. Immediately I was SUPER EXCITED! This was something I KNEW I could do. It was right up my alley!

So I headed to my workroom to make my very first bowband.
The princess was already in bed so the timing was perfect ;) After accomplishing my very first bowband I was already addicted and had to make more...and more...and more..until I had made approximately 20 bowbands!! This was an all-nighter guys, but well worth it :)

The next day I shipped these babies out to my amazing photographer Alexi (you can follow her blog here.) and she just LOVED them!! She photographed the bowbands on two gorgeous babygirls and the pictures just came out perfect, as always! She said the children's mommy's were thrilled to keep some of the bowbands. Alexi held on to a few because she is expecting, and after having twin boys - let's hope this one's a girl! :D

Alright..enough talking!....rules are simple!

***Please note you do not need to have a blogspot account to leave a comment!!! I know many are confused by this. All you need to do to leave a comment is enter your name & e-mail along with your comment.***


1 - Go to

2 - Click on the "JM GLAMOUR BOWBANDS" photo album.

3 - Leave a picture comment under your FAVORITE bowband (if you win, this is the bowband that will be shipped to you free of charge!)

4 - Come back HERE, my BLOG, JMBABYBOUTIQUE.BLOGSPOT.COM, and leave a comment with your name and myspace link so I can contact you if you are the winner!

***IF YOU STUMBLED UPON MY NEW BLOG AND DO NOT HAVE A MYSPACE ACCOUNT, simply leave a comment with how you came across my blog, your name, e-mail address for contacting, and the name & # of your favorite bowband***


The winner will be posted HERE on Friday, June 5th!!

So make sure to swing by and check on my blog to see if you are the lucky winner of a new JM GLAMOUR BOWBAND! :D

Bowband sizing will be based upon the child's age and will be discussed with the winner (as well as shipping information).

***UPDATE! Sun. May 30th***

Hey ladies!!

sooooo...due to an overwhelming amount of people asking me if there's a way to earn more entries for my JM BOWBAND GIVEAWAY, I've decided to do just that!


1) Post a myspace bulletin about JM BABY BOUTIQUE (You can do this ONCE a day until Friday the 5th)

2) BLOG about JM BABY BOUTIQUE. Not a myspace blog - must be a blogspot & has to link back to my blog (

BULLETINS AND/OR BLOG *MUST* include the following information to qualify for an extra entry:

*My myspace and/or blog links:

*My etsy website:

*That I am holding a GIVEAWAY.

*The fact that I make & sell girl's AND boy's clothing, hair accessories, etc.

*That my items are ____(Fill in the blank: amazing! beautiful! the cutest! awesome! gorgeous! fabulous!) ..alright you don't have to say any of that..but it helps to be enthusiastic! LOL

Feel free to use your favorite JM photos to include in your bulletin(s) and/or blog.

Once you have posted a bulletin or blog, head back on over to and leave a comment under my JM GLAMOUR BOWBAND GIVEAWAY blog and comment. Each comment = 1 additional entry. So if you've earned 7 extra entries, be sure to leave 7 separate comments. This is IMPORTANT because.....


Once the giveaway is over, I will be choosing my winner by using

I will enter the numbers 1 - (however many comments I received in my giveaway blog) and the website will randomly choose a number.

Using that number, I will go through my blog comments and find that # comment and VOILA! WE HAVE A WINNER! :D

The more comments you leave by earning entries, the better chance you have of choosing one of your comments!!

Get it? I hope that's not confusing ;)

If you have any questions feel free to ask.



Monday, May 25, 2009

Daddy's little girl is growing up......

Daddy thinks his little girl laughs at him because he's being funny....

...I think she laughs at him because she knows she knows how ridiculous he looks. In her smart little mind she's thinking, "My dad is such a dork!"

But she laughs at him nonetheless, and she just adores her daddy!

I wonder how he feels now that his baby is growing up.

She wore her first pair of big girl panties yesterday at 17-months. Dora of course! She was so excited about them she took them out of the package, admiring them, while I finished the rest of my shopping :)

How stinkin' cute is that!?!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


My boobs are freeeeeeeeee!

Yes, after almost a year of unsuccessfully trying to wean my 17-month-old from breastfeeding, I FINALLY found a trick that worked!! Stay tuned if you're interested...I bet you you've never even thought of this before ;)

As you know from my last blog,
Janelle was a bit sick with diarrhea...I opted for the B.R.A.T. diet and thought it cured her...boy was I wrong - I spoke way too soon!

After a whole diarrhea-free hour, it came back, and back with a vengeance!
I mean it was back-to-back. My poor baby was in constant pain as I wiped her clean, only for another to occur immediately. After each diaper change, I slabbed on half-a-bottle of diaper rash cream and caked it with cornstarch. I knew that if this wouldn't end by morning, I would have to take her to the pediatrician. I nursed my poor baby to sleep and held her in my arms all night.

It's morning now, and the diarrhea has progressed to an even worse
state! I have no clue how it could have gotten worse, but it did. And my poor baby's diaper rash was in the worst condition I have EVER seen - it was completely red from front to back, and even when she saw a wipe she would have a panic attack and cry "NO! NO!". So I would wash her poor little booty in the sink with cold water every time it needed to be cleaned. I also decided against a diaper until we were right about to leave to see her pediatrician.

We're in the waiting room now,
and can I just say I HATE waiting rooms?!? Sick kids everywhere, trying to get in my daughter's face and talk to her..and since their parents never do anything about it, I have to say something like, "She's [my daughter's] really sick baby, you shouldn't get close to her" to try to keep these diseased kids away and not sound rude.

For what seemed like forever, we were finally called in.
Janelle was weighed on the stand-up scale instead of the lay-in scale for the first time EVER (and it hit me again - my baby's growing up, *tear*). We went to our assigned room and did some more waiting while I carried her in my arms. Our pediatrician came in to check her out and OMG she was MUCH more sick than I could have ever imagined!! My baby is never sick, so this was a complete SHOCK.

A double ear infection
Severe sore throat
& of course, diarrhea

Are you kidding me??
My pediatrician could see it in my facial expression, "How the *$#@! did this happen!!??" She caught me sniffling and asked, "Are you sick?" And I explained to her that when my allergies act up, I usually get nasal drip and it results in a sore throat. This was something that happened often, and since breastfeeding didn't allow me to take any meds, I would have to tough it out with home remedies like I usually do. She explained to me that my sickness was probably worse than I thought in order for Janelle to be as sick as she was. My baby was prescribed antibiotic, ear drops, and prescription diaper rash ointment. (Quick note here - the prescription diaper rash cream did NOT work. I had to send daddy out to buy a container of TRIPLE PASTE, the only stuff that I've found to actually work effectively and most importantly - immediately. They sell it at Target, Walgreens,'s pricey, but more than worth it.)

That was it. NOW was the time to finally wean her.
Every time she would nurse she would get diarrhea almost immediately. It was almost pointless to be putting her on a strict bread & banana diet while feeding her my fatty breastmilk all day long. Plus, I needed to get better in order for my baby to get better - and echinacea tea & cough drops were just not cutting it this time around. I needed NyQuil & TheraFlu.

Let's take a moment here to point something out - I did not just say,
"She's sick, that's it, no more boob!" Much thought had been put into this. My princess is 17 months old me, I've done my time. Every time she saw me sitting or standing she would attack me and yell "BOOB!" or "Night,night"(which is really just another word for boob to her) while she lifted up my shirt and proceeded to suck. This was especially fun while grocery shopping. She would pull down my shirt and expose my great set of puppies to every Publix shopper. All I could do was tell her "No, not now", while I held back my laughter & dashed to an empty aisle. To say my daughter is obsessed with breastfeeding is an understatement. This girl seriously came out of the womb, latching on to my nipple for dear life. The nurses would come in to check on us and write down her feeding times on their charts and they would ask "How long has she been nursing for?" and I would tell them, "Ummm..we're going on 2 1/2 hours" and their jaws would drop! lol...and that was only the beginning.

Initially I had wanted to stop breastfeeding after she was 6-months-old.
She absolutely refused the bottle so I figured 1 year was the most recommended time to stop anyway. 1 year passed and when I would try to wean her it was torture. I always gave in because I felt horrible about taking her favorite thing, her comfort, away from her.

I dabbed my nipple with vinegar...and sat down on the couch. She lifted my shirt up, looking up at me and saying, "boob?". "Go right ahead!", I thought.

She didn't even take a sip when she released my nipple from her mouth with the most disgusted look on her face! She looked up at me with the most confused expression and I told her "EWWWWW huh? Mommy's milk has turned yucky". "Ewwww", she agreed.

And ever since then she has referred to the boob as "eww" and has not given it a try ONCE! I am proud to say we are going on day 4 and I cannot BELIEVE it was this easy! It just feels sooooo good to not be the bad guy keeping the boob away from her. She really wants nothing to do with the way she thinks it tastes now.

She, of course, still cries because she misses her comforting boob before she takes her naps and goes down for bed, but she won't dare try to breastfeed anymore. She usually falls asleep in my arms, while I stroke her little back with my fingertips, and holds on to me all night long. I love her so unbelievably much. My big girl.

Janelle's diarrhea & hideous diaper rash are both gone (after much Triple Paste and running around nakey), and her health seems to be at 100% again. We'll be getting a check-up just to be sure. But my baby is back to her usual happy self.

I hope this blog will be of some help to you if you are going through a similar situation, or will one day in the future. At the very least, I hope it was amusing and worth the read ;)

I'm pleased to say Janelle has moved on to a different obsession - DORA!
These past few days we have watched the same DVD over and over and over, at least 5 times each day. 5 hours of dora is enough to drive anyone insane.

But I do LOVE the adorable way she says "Oooooh MAN!" every time Swiper the fox comes on. Seriously - cutest thing ever.<3

XOXO Janissa (JM)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The many perks of Motherhood ;)

What a day!

Diarrhea - probably the grossest word in the human dictionary, and it's what I woke up to all over my bed this morning.

You see, our 17-month-old princess has slept in bed with us ever since she was born. We had bought her a crib, but I couldn't bare the thought of not being able to feel every little breath she took, and I wanted to give her the peace of mind that even though she was no longer in mommy's loving belly, she would still be in my loving arms 24/7.

We're not sure when this sleeping-with-mommy-and-daddy habit will end, but we're not worried about it either ;) We love our snuggle bunny!

What a way to stray off topic! lol

So, this morning Janelle's mess had leaked through her diaper. She has NEVER had diarrhea before. After showering, Janelle & I washed the sheets and sanitized everything. Jake & I aren't sure if it was something she ate yesterday, or part of the mini-cold she was experiencing yesterday...but we put her on the B.R.A.T. diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast - and really anything starchy) and it seemed to calm her belly right up.

Oh, and here's a little tip for all of you mommies :)
Yesterday Janelle had a runny nose for the first time. Before she went down for bed I slabbed on some Vick's to the bottom of her feet, covered them up with socks, and today her nose has not ran once :) lol. I used regular Vick's for her feet, and baby Vick's on her back & chest. Cleared her right up ;)

She's napping like an angel right now:

LOL! My very own sleeping beauty.

And look who fell asleep at her feet:

Leila and her are best friends. If one's close, the other is not far behind :)

I'm taking this opportunity to write my second blog entry and cook up some garlic spaghetti for lunch. I'm all about a good home remedy, and garlic always does the trick if you have a cold...especially if you have a sore throat. You can be bold, like my mother, and suck on a clove of garlic. Or you can be a sissy and put it in your food - like me ;)

Here's a super simple and great recipe I'd like to share with you guys. Totally effortless and YUMMY!

I urge you to use BARILLA PLUS spaghetti. It is SO much better for you & your kids, and you won't even taste the difference!


1/2 packet of spaghetti (salt as you normally would while boiling)
1 small clove of garlic & 1/3 cup of olive oil (blend together and pour onto noodles)
1/4 cup heavy cream

Mix together, and VOILA!

Simply Delicioso!

Janelle just woke up, she prefers to eat her spaghetti in her jogging stroller LOL! Notice little Leila playing in the basket of the stroller? ;)

XOXO Janissa

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My very first blog entry!

Oh, man this is exciting!

I've always wanted to start my own blog because I enjoyed reading them so much...and I'm not sure why I didn't do this sooner..maybe because I was worried about spending my time and effort into writing a long passage, only to have no one else read it but myself LOL. Pathetic, huh? Well, I'm gonna grow a pair of big ones and do this mamajama..hopefully you all find me interesting enough to keep checking on my blogspot :)

Let's start with introducing myself. My name is Janissa and I am the lucky mother of the most amazingly adorable little human being on the planet! But don't take my word for it, see for yourself ;)

Her daddy has held the key to my heart ever since I was 16 years old. They have such a strong and beautiful connection...I love to watch both of their reactions every day when he comes home from work - they truly adore each other.

My family is the heart and soul of everything that I do.

In my spare time (and by "spare" I mean between 11 p.m. ~ 7 a.m. every night while babygirl is asleep), I love to release my creative side by sewing unique and adorable baby clothes and accessories.

I do not have an actual website yet, one day soon I'm sure, but for now you can find me at & . I am really surprised and thankful at the success my shop has had on myspace...and trust me, Janelle has the toys and shoes to show for it ;) lol

So, I hope you guys like the look of my blog :) It took me f-o-r-e-v-e-r to play around with the images and colors to create my background and banner. I call it "Funky Urban Chic", something I like to think of myself as being.

Alright, let's get to blogging!!!

I've always wanted a cat...and every time I even mentioned the word, Jake would snicker and say there was no way in hell we'd ever get one. He'd even go as far as to say if I brought one home, he might just "accidentally leave the door open". Kidding, I'm sure, but it sure as heck kept me from bringing a cat home LOL

After 2 years of us living together and me begging for a cat, you can imagine my surprise when he came home with this yesterday:

Isn't she beautiful!? She's absolutely perfect..and is the sweetest and most affectionate little kitty.

We named her Leila. It is pronounced LIE-la and not LAY-la. Short for Dehleila, her full name. Janelle took to her right away....running after her everywhere little Leila would go. Trying to feed her and share her toys with the one pound kitty.

I think it's going to be the start of a very special relationship...

More pics of sweet Leila :)

After hours of playing with Leila this morning, Janelle and I thought it was time for an outdoor photoshoot to show off my newest creation - the JM GLAMOUR BOWBAND. In the photos my daughter is wearing the Cotton Blossoms Glamour Bowband with added rhinestones....I absolutely adore it!

I will be offering these bowbands in my boutique soon. I just shipped off around 18 bowbands to my photographer to be soon as she gets back to me with the pictures, I can't wait to offer them to all of you!

I can never choose just one picture..maybe you could help me narrow down the best pictures...I'll number each one and you can leave a comment telling me your favorites :) This will help big time when uploading them into the album.

Here we go!
























Wow, this was one mother of a blog! I hope you found it worth reading :D, I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

XOXO Janissa {JM}