Thursday, June 11, 2009

But Mommy....don't I look pretty? :)

Babygirl was not too happy when I took her makeup away (yes, she has her own makeup...I got tired of her ruining mine :P)...I had to stop her before she got too carried away LOL!

"Look mommy, pretty!!"

"I can't believe you just took my makeup away...."

"Wait, you're really not gonna give it back? =/"

I love having a daughter ;)



  1. haha i love older marli has her own make up too because she seemed to get into mine one morning and had it spreaded ALL ACROSS our bathroom sinks.....i couldnt help but laugh and marli seems to look like this when she gets into her make up as well:) too cute!!

  2. My son gets into my make up all the time. He loves to draw on his face with my eyeliner to try and make a mustache on his face.

  3. sooo cute :)
    little girls are so fun....
    good idea about giving janelle her own makeup..
    i let madison play with the brishes but thats about it *for now* ;)

  4. That is too cute!She didn't do a bad job though!

  5. oh my gosh! these are the cutest pictures ever....and of course, you know i them! lol