Monday, June 8, 2009

Finally :)

Wow guys!

I totally apologize for keeping you all waiting!

Things have been SO CRAZY in my little world these past couple of weeks...

My amazing myspace customers have always done a great job keeping me an extremely busy work-at-home mommy. By day I'm a slave to my little princess and by night I'm a slave to the sewing machine.

But recently, my etsy shop ( has been getting some great business, and I've really been racking up some orders this week! So orders from both sites have just been piling...and I plan on getting an actual website in the next 1-2 weeks.


Be careful what you wish for, right?

Actually, I'm completely stoked about this...I just need to get some much-needed organization seems like I spend more time looking for the scissors or a certain color thread than getting any sewing done!

My workroom is such a disaster zone, it makes me miserable to even think about working in it. This has been killing my mojo...I need to set aside a night from sewing orders and just cleeeeeaannnnnnnnnn my little tail off. SO much easier said than done!

My personal life lately has been INSANE - lot's of *new* chaotic, stressful, and beautiful changes. I've barely had any time at all to be on the internet unless it's to look up a customer's shipping address.

So again, I apologize for all of you awaiting bowband giveaway participants....


******TERYN ASHLEY******

Please message me with your bowband of choice & shipping address :)


FYI, winner was chosen with the help of to be completely fair and unbiased. All of you mommies who took the time and effort to earn extra entries for this giveaway and did not win - you have not gone unnoticed! Please message me if you are interested in placing a JM GLAMOUR BOWBAND order & I will give you free shipping!

Off to sewing I go!

Someone keep these eyelids open for me...

I'm getting so SICK of coffee!



  1. congrats to the winner! pooty it wasnt me though LOL. but I love your headbands and hope to get more soon!
    ashley terkawi

  2. I prayed that I would win and I did! God cares about my little wants! Thank you so much! I will message you on myspace right now!

  3. hey girl! i know what you mean about busy...this photography adventure is draining me...but in a GOOD way!!! I"M LOVING it!!!! Way more than monkey cheek stuff!!! PS I have a NIKON d60